Terms and Conditions

We, at Moveatblink, endeavor to provide our customers with the highest quality and cost effective services through constant innovations in the field, enabling us to accomplish successful & long business run relationships. By using our services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated below. If any third party uses our Services on behalf of a customer/ mover/ packer, then that third party shall also be bound by the same terms and conditions stated below.

1. All matters shall be subject to jurisdiction of Bangalore courts only.
2. In case an amicable settlement of dispute cannot be reached mutually, any or all kinds of disputes shall be referred to arbitration and the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 shall prevail.
3. Moveatblink or any of its employee or representative shall not be responsible for any kind of loss incurred while loading, unloading or transit of the movement of goods.
4. All risks shall be borne by the Customer/ Mover/ Packer, etc and Moveatblink or any of its employee or representative in that behalf shall not be liable for any such losses occurred.
5. Moveatblink makes no warranty pertaining to the quality of the services provided by the mover/ packer
6. Moveatblink makes no warranty, implied or otherwise regarding the authenticity or accuracy of the personal information and/or the information about the goods/belongings, provided by the Customer through the submission of forms and/or questionnaire
7. In matters of litigation, all litigation costs + 18 % interest rate shall be charged on payments.
8. Goods lost/damaged during movement/ packing/ handling under any services will not be liability of Moveatblink and the same shall not be adjusted or repaid from our payment.
9. Any loss of document or such other evidences shall not be the liability of Moveatblink
10. Any delay in movement of goods/ delivery of package shall not be a liability of Moveatblink
11. Customer/ Mover/ Packer will not hold Moveatblink liable for any indirect, consequential or special damages of any nature